Declutter Your Brain so You Can Achieve Top-Level Thinking

Photo by lifecoachcodee

Your brain is like your home. If there’s garbage everywhere, you will feel stressed and function at a drastically lower level.

Higher-level thinking looks like this:

  • Your brain comes up with ideas. A few of them are good.
  • You can access effortless levels of creativity — helpful if you’re a writer, an entrepreneur, musician, comedian, or actor.
  • You don’t walk around with huge levels of brain fog that clouds your sense of judgment.

When your brain is cluttered, you blow up at every tiny thing. You need a clear mind to achieve extraordinary results.

First, let’s toss out the mess from your brain:

1. What you can’t control

There’s a lot in your life you can’t control. The fastest way to clutter your brain with B.S. is to think a lot about what you can’t control. A question to change your life:

“What are you going to do about it?”

This question acts as a pattern interrupt. You break up the story of that which you can’t control when you force yourself to take personal responsibility. What you can’t control directs you when you let it.

2. Junk food for your brain

Anger and frustration are junk food for your brain. They don’t get you anywhere. Turn anger and frustration into action. Don’t worry about revenge — focus on results. Results make anger look stupid, rather than you.

3. People-centric thinking

Thinking about people is low-level thinking. Your brain is smarter when you focus on ideas. Humans are a messed up species and critiquing them is hilarious when you think deeply about it.

You really want people to act the right way, be kind, respect your views, be generous towards you, believe the same as you, get on with everybody? Seriously, this is an immature view of the world. Don’t worry about judging people. This is brain clutter.

Change yourself to change the world.

4. Money driven obsessions

Money is an obsession. When you think money will solve all your problems you mess up your potential. Money solves nothing. America has lots of money. Do they have many problems these days?

The time you spend thinking about money can be better utilized.

5. Your grandmother’s inheritance

Yep, throw the old girl’s stuff away (joking). The junk you hoard takes up space in your physical world.

Try to think clearly while you’re standing in the middle of a rubbish dump that smells like a public toilet after a hundred beer guts have taken a half-time moment of liquid relief. You can’t. It’s hard to put your finger on it.

Inspirational thoughts that drive you towards action aren’t going to happen amongst a pile of junk. Your brain is too busy focusing on where all your physical possessions belong. Other people’s stuff is the hardest to throwaway.

There’s a broken sense of connection, or you feel like you owe it to them to hold onto it all. Meanwhile, upstairs in your brain, your thinking becomes cluttered the same way your physical world is.

Putting stuff away declutters your mind.

Now the clutter is gone from your mind, let’s level-up your thinking.

Etch a new path into your brain

Familiarity makes your thought patterns repetitive and boring.

That’s why when people travel overseas for a holiday they often report having game-changing insights. It’s not the holiday that’s sprinkling magic on their thinking. It’s the unknown experiences and surroundings.

There comes a point where your thinking reaches a dead-end. All you come up with are mostly useless thoughts that lead you towards a human tragedy: blaming and complaining.

The answer is, to get around what is foreign to you. If you always watch Hollywood movies, watch a Japanese cartoon. If you always eat pizza or hamburgers, visit a Buddhist temple and try raw food or a vegetarian curry. If you always drive the same way to work, take the longer route. If you spend your time playing golf, try ping pong. If you read non-fiction books, then read fiction books.

It isn’t hard to consciously make decisions towards that which is unfamiliar to you. When you do, you interrupt your thinking and generate new thinking. New thinking can then be applied to the ideas and problems you want to influence or change.

Your thinking goes from boredom to insightful when you purposely practice the opposite of what you normally do.

Teleport out the back cover of a book

Reading shapes your thoughts. Teleport your mind into a novel and let it exit through the back cover of the book. When I get stuck in a funk, I read. The chatter in my brain is difficult to silence.

Books shut down your brain so you can think again.

Walk your brain to new thinking

My best thoughts come from walking. The other day I was ready to throw a blender at my work colleague. She forgot to do an important thing. It wasted a lot of our time trying to rectify it. As a result, I paid the ultimate price: I lost my Thursday writing day so the issue could be rectified. Not getting the chance to write can cause me to blow up.

My girlfriend suggested we go for a walk out in the sunshine. I didn’t want sunshine. I resisted. I protested. Then, I gave in. Halfway into the walk I felt different. I was focused on putting one foot in front of the other. My heart rate increased. Blood was pumping. The sun on my skin felt incredible. We walked through leafy green streets and I actually noticed the leaves. I met a puppy and spoke dog language.

By the time we got home I had walked off my problem.

Higher-level thinking follows a walk.